Forest Follies

Written by Creuse Oxygène 27 May 2008

Creuse Oxygène, multi-sport club and public organisation, born in the Creuse 15 years ago and who exists and grows thanks to the Limousin forest, invites you to discover a unique event in France : 24 hours in the forest, 13 and 14 September 2008 in Guéret.

In the heart of the majestic 2000-hectare Chabrières forest, Creuse Oxygène invites its visitors to unique experience ; a day and a night in the forest. A chance to ask questions, to doubt, to wonder at the sounds of the “forest fairy†, to be with nature and animals, to challenge city dwellers, and anyone else : live in the forest for 24 hours.

But with this event, this organisation also wants to let the public (re)discover its principal centre of interest for the future : the forest. For man has lived in it for millions of years and developed due to its riches.

Today it’s a source of renewable energy.

But what are “Forest Follies†?

Forest Follies wants to make people aware and be the starting point of a grand cause, to be for the forest, to be practical and conquer the future.

This event is organised around four discovery and exchange spaces :

- Events and demonstrations space :

discover how to cut, sculpt wood, discover the species, pick mushrooms, trim a tree, listen to and copy birds’ songs, climb trees, eat boar and chestnuts, discover the history of trees and paper…

- Debates and exhibitions space :

learn how to build a house in wood, integrate local architecture, use wood as renewable energy, discover the tree using the work “Plaidoyer pour un arbre†(Plea for a tree) in company with the author Francis Hallé and meet professionals work with wood and forest technicians…

- The fairy and the night :

light and sound show while you walk through the forest at night through the crackling chestnut leaves and pine cones, accompanied by the hoot of an owl… During the walk, the public will discover the trees and stones decorated for the occasion in light… blue, green, red, yellow, pink…

- The Wolf Park camp :

invites the visitor to continue his discovery in an exceptional environment, created to take advantage nature and its generosity in a camp arranged around the wolf park. Guaranteed strong emotions and sensations ! The wolves are close by…

At the end of this “voyage†, the public will be better able to understand the amazing and complex relationship between tree, man, animal and life.

Contacts : Organisation Creuse Oxygène

Technical, artistic and general manager : Alain MENUT, President – Tel : 06 08 83 24 30 - General organisation - administration and communication : Sandra ALEXANDRE - Tel. 06 23 78 61 29

Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Creuse, 9 avenue Fayolle - 23005 Gueret Cedex Tél. : (+33)5 55 51 93 23 - Fax : (+33)5 55 51 05 20
Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Creuse,
9 avenue Fayolle - 23005 Gueret Cedex Tél. : (+33)5 55 51 93 23 - Fax : (+33)5 55 51 05 20
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